Limousine rental services can be a cost-effective way to spice up your special occasion.

You should consider several important points before you sign up for a limo service. If you don’t do your homework and compare the prices, then you might end up with a bad rental company.

Although it is important that you verify the exact rental price, it should not be the only deciding factor. To help you find the best limousine service for your event, these are the questions you need to ask your rental agency. A trustworthy and honest limousine rental firm will be more than happy to provide all the answers.

Questions to ask prospective rental companies

Here are some questions that you can ask your limousine rental agency company. First, ask them how long the rental company has been in business. Next, ask how many cars they have. Although it’s true that an established limo rental agency is more reliable than a new one in certain cases, it’s also important to ensure that the operator has enough vehicles in their fleet in case your vehicle breaks down.

Next, you should ask your limousine rental agent what type of limousines you have. Limousines come in many styles and colors today. Make sure to ask the operator if they can offer the style you require.

Check out the Quality of their Drivers and Information about Pick-ups and Drops

Your chauffeur should be professionally dressed, experienced, licensed, trained, and properly attired. It is also important to avoid hiring someone who will speed up your car, cut lanes, or drive like an idiot.

Also, make sure to check your policy on pickups and drop-offs. You should also find out whether the operator will arrange to pick you up from your location and drive you back. Ask your potential rental operator if they offer services in these areas. This is important because you need to clarify where you’d like to be picked up, and how long it takes. These questions should be asked before you make any payment to the rental agency.

The Rental Charges and Payment Options

Always inquire about the rental cost for the vehicle you are renting. Rental fees will vary depending on the vehicle and how long you intend to use it. Rental fees are usually charged for a minimum of 24 hours even though you may not use the vehicle for that much time.

Ask the rental agency about their payment options. Each limo rental will have a different payment method. The first half of the rental fee can be paid with a credit card or debit card, while the remainder would be paid later in cash to the driver.

Ask about insurance coverage when you are looking for limo hire companies. Private rental agencies may avoid insuring their vehicles or passengers because they see it as an unnecessary overhead expense. The law requires all private limo rentals to have proper private hire insurance. Make sure you check with your driver. An experienced rental company should be able to show you proof of their insurance.