Free Video Converter Factory has some minor flaws, but it is still a great free converter. Below I’ll give a detailed review of this video convert. The converting feature is a basic video converter function. Free Video Converter Factory has a good converting feature youtube to mp3 music converter. There are several reasons for this.

  1. The video converter supports a wide range of video and audio files, including FLV and SWF video, as well as audio MP3, AC3, WMA, AAC, and M4A.
  2. The quality of the converted video. Other video converters have caused me problems, like the fact that the videos look fuzzy and don’t always match up with the sound. The screen also becomes longer or wider. Since I started using Free Video Converter Factory, I’ve never had these problems.
  3. Free Video Converter Factory can provide fast conversion speed. Free Video Converter Factory provides fast conversion speed. Within minutes, the entire converting process is completed. It also allows batch conversion. You can convert multiple audio or video files at once.

There are some things that could be better in terms of the converting feature. This video converter cannot convert some audio and video formats, such as DV AVI. This shortcoming will make more people choose the video converter.

Parameter settings in the field

Free Video Converter Factory offers a wide range of parameter options. You can choose the frame rate of your video, the aspect ratio of it, the resolution, the encoder, and the channel. For audio files, you can select the sample rate and bitrate, and the encoder. This function allows us to get more satisfying and suitable converted videos. There are some benefits to this video converter when it comes to parameter setting.

The user guide doesn’t tell us how to view the information in the original file. It is important to me that I know all the details of the original file in order to decide what parameters to use for the converted video. I think it’s better to have a “Information Button” on the screen, so we can easily see what it is.

On the Field of Operation

It is best to select a converter we can use easily. Free Video Converter Factory has this benefit, as it’s very easy to use. You only need to perform three simple steps: click “Add” to add video files, select the output format from the combo box under ‘Profiles’ and then click ‘Start.’ The converting will take a few minutes. There is one problem I have encountered when using the Free Video Converter Factory. It appears that there are duplicate buttons for the different operations on the Free Video Converter Factory screen. For example, you can convert by clicking either the large button “Start” or the button “Action”, which I find to be excessive and confusing.